What makes blk. black?
Nutrient-rich Fulvic Minerals are naturally dark in color. When added to water they turn the water black, naturally! There are no additional dyes or color added to blk.
What exactly is Fulvic Acid/Fulvic Minerals?
Fulvic compounds are found in plants and soil in the highly nutritious humus layer of the earth. An ancient, naturally-occurring part of the botanical cycle, they have been shown to help the human body effectively break down, absorb, and transport key nutrients.
Where is the water in blk. sourced?
Purified alkaline water is the base of blk. We carefully source it from multiple locales, including springs and aquifers in the United States and Canada.
What makes blk. black?
Our proprietary formulation of Humic and Fulvic trace minerals.
What electrolytes does blk. contain?
Replenishing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride are in blk.
What types of minerals are found in blk.?
blk. contains 77 naturally-occurring trace minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and electrolytes. Powerful minerals found in blk. include sodium, potassium, strontium, sulfur, vanadium, zinc, and more.
Will blk. stain my teeth?
Don’t worry, your pearly whites are safe with us! blk. won’t stain your teeth but it may bind a bit to plaque if you’re a lazy brusher. Care for those chompers!
Can I drink blk. if I'm pregnant?
First, congratulations! While blk.’s minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes are all naturally occurring and common in many foods and beverages, we always recommend that you discuss specific dietary concerns with your health care provider.

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